Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Glistening Plums" sold

My first sale on my Etsy site!!! I'm thrilled.
Last week I started loading some of my oil paintings to sell on Etsy, a place to buy and sell handmade items on-line. Since there are a zillion sellers I figured it would be pretty hard to make a sale but I am so encourage to have had a start. This painting happens to be one of my most favorite in this 8"x8" size. I really love working on this square, smaller, gallery-wrapped canvas. I hope to continue working this scale for my Etsy store (but yeah, I'll be putting other sizes on as well) because they just feel more intimate. If you've time, pop by my etsy store, www.susanhongsammons.etsy.com for more of my 8"x8."


  1. Congratulations on the sale! This painting is gorgeous, makes me want to take a bite!